Well Screens & Casing


We provide uPVC screen and casing for well drilling industry that meets the DWI specifications with the highest demands on quality. The product is specially designed for the needs of well construction.

We offer both flush and upsized joints in a range of lengths. Slots sizes range from 0.3mm to 3 mm and diameters from 35mm up to 400mm. Different wall thickness are available for varying depths of boreholes.

For abstracting water from formations where building a conventional filter membrane is difficult, we offer a uPVC screen pre-coated with a glued gravel pack.

For landfill applications, HDPE screen and riser is more applicable.

Clamps, filter socks, base and lifting plugs are available.

Stainless steel wire wrapped and laser slotted screens.

Weld wire stainless screen offers continuous-slot construction which aims to optimise flow rates, minimise clogging and help develop the water-bearing geological formations faster. Slot sizes as small as 0.1 mm and lengths up to 12 m are available.

Also available are laser cut steel tubulars with slot sizes as small as .3mm for horizontal well applications.

Borehole Sealants

For either decommissioning a borehole or backfilling the annular space between the casing the borehole walls, a range of bentonite and bentonite / cement products are available in powder and pellet form.

Filter Material

A filter pack is poured into the annular space between the screen and the borehole wall and serves to retain fine sand from the surrounding soil area. Quartz filter gravel for well construction is specified according to DIN 4924 and EN 12904.

The quality of the quartz filter gravel is an important prerequisite for the quality and durability of wells.

We provide a filter material that is:

  • Natural quartz sand and quartz gravel
  • Edge-rounded shape
  • Free of organic impurities
  • High quality due to state-of-the-art processing technology

Well Covers

A range of well covers are available from lockable flush covers to raised risers.

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