Steel Threaded Casing

For water well drilling and geothermal operations we can supply and thread steel tubulars up to 660mm OD, prepared to the BS879 standard in lengths that suit your requirements. We can also offer hardened ends for strength and longer life.

For the geotechnical and environmental market, we can supply a rope thread casing both left and right hand thread, single or multi start to B.S.4019 standards in sizes from RW (36mm) through to ZW (219mm).

A range of shoes and accessories including cement grout valves and stingers.

Drill Pipe/Rods

We can provide friction welded drill pipe up to 6″ in diameter, shrunk and welded above this size. All threads are produced to API standards and can be nitride treated for reduced galling and extended thread life.

Bespoke reverse circulation (RC) drill pipe can be fabricated to your specification.

BECO thread available for high torque applications.

Adaptors, non-return valves and cross over subs
We have a range of material to cover most subs and thread combinations. We have a selection of fishing tools, non return valves, lifting plugs and casing pullers.

Stabilisers and collars

Both stabilisers and collars can be bespoke fabricated with either straight wing or spiral along with hard faced or carbide inserts.

Specialist Fabrication

Drilling work often requires specialist tooling bespoke to the specific needs of a project. From fishing tools through to rig modifications, we can cater for your needs.

Drag, Tricone and PDC bits.

A drag bit is a drill bit designed for use in soft formations such as sand, clay, or some soft rock, both chevron and stepped types available.

For hard rock formations, DSE offer a very wide range of either new or refurbished mill tooth or TCI tricone bits in diameters ranging from 2-3 / 8 ” to 26″.

Another rotary bit available for hard formations is the PDC. These bits are designed for high speed drilling in shale, limestone, and sandstone formations. Unlike a tricone roller, a PDC bit is a one-piece matrix bodies with no moving parts. The fixed-cutters shave away the rock, making it possible to operate with higher rotation speeds more efficiently in consolidated formations.

Numa Hammers & Bits

Numa offers the largest range of conventional down hole hammers and bits to the industry. Unmatched in longevity and penetration rates, these performance driven Patriot®, DCS®, Champion® and Challenger® hammer models are able to drill holes from 3-1/2″ to 48″ (89 – 1219 mm) in diameter.

Numa has led the industry in innovative design of reverse circulation hammers and bits. These RC products have the unique ability to bring all cuttings up the centre of the hammer and drill string to be safely collected at the surface, which is essential in today’s environmentally conscious society.

Overburden casing systems, retrievable and non-retrievable.

Drilling through unconsolidated ground conditions in order to set casing into bedrock is one of the most challenging tasks facing the drilling industry. That is why Numa has spent so much time and energy designing a drill bit that can drill a larger diameter hole than the casing, while simultaneously advancing the casing.

The Super Jaws® Overburden Bit is a revolutionary new bit design with wings that extend out larger in diameter than the casing while in the drilling position. The face design of the Super Jaws® Overburden Bit keeps it almost identical with a conventional bit face, allowing for unmatched penetration rates and smooth operation while drilling through overburden, boulders, or bedrock.

When drilling is completed, the bit is simply lifted off bottom, causing the wings to retract back into the guide body. This allows all tooling to be extracted while leaving the casing in place. There is no forward or reverse rotation required, nor any expensive rings left in the hole.

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