DSE is a reseller for the The CompAir C200TS-24 – C270TS-9 TurboScrew compressor. The machine is able to provide class-leading diesel efficiency with their unique bi-turbo technology, the lowest weight of 3,500 kg and super-clean performance in accordance with EC directive 97/68/EG Stage 4 final.



The TurboScrew includes the acknowledged SCRT®(Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology) exhaust after treatment system, including oxidation catalytic convertor and diesel particle filter (DPF). This system is capable of removing almost all of the nitrogen oxide emissions from the diesel exhaust gases. The patented bi-turbo technology achieves a 14% higher energy delivery to the compressor than conventional technologies. With average site conditions where the demand varies between idle, part load and full load, the TurboScrew consumes up to 30% less diesel than most of the conventional compressors on the market, resulting in significant cost savings.

Volume Flow

Operating Pressure
m3/min cfm bar psi
20.0 to 27.0 706 to 953 9 to 24 130 to 348


Available Accessories

  • Air Dryers
  • Balancing tanks
  • Lubricators

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