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Drilling Supplies Europe is a leading supplier and manufacturer of consumables and equipment to the ground engineering market.

Established as Drilling Supplies Ireland in 2001, the company was formed to cater for the new and expanding HDD sector in Ireland.  Supplying the day to day consumables such as drilling heads, dies and drilling fluids. We recognised a requirement for an environmentally friendly drilling fluid for when our customers were operating near open water courses, SSSI’s or SAC’s. The other necessity for such a product was to address the disposal issue around bentonite. Following the approval of numerous environmental and industry related bodies, ClearBore; a biodegradable environmentally friendly drilling fluid was launched. ClearBore has been used globally in multiple sectors and is a proven market leader.

In March of 2017 Niall Meehan took over as owner and managing director of Drilling Supplies Europe. Niall has over 20 years of industry experience and has completed numerous projects in the fields of water well, geotechnical, environmental, geothermal, trenchless, CBM and Shale & Gas Storage. Niall brings a great depth of experience to Drilling Supplies Europe along with extensive product knowledge, practical solutions and a friendly service.

We have many leading brands from drilling fluids through to drilling rigs, compressors and mud pumps.  Our experience allows us tailor your new drilling packages to cater to your needs.

Our future plan is for sustainable growth based on technical and practical innovation which will make us a leading drilling equipment supplier and manufacturer.


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