Drilling Supplies Europe

Established in 2001 and with over 20 years of industry experience, Drilling Supplies Europe is a leading supplier and manufacturer of equipment and materials for both the trenchless and vertical drilling sectors.

Our team have the knowledge and experience to provide and support industry with quality, reliable product at affordable prices.

Featured Used Equipment

2013 GEO-TEC Rotomax L

2012 Atlas Copco Predator Rig Package

2009 Massenza MI6

Drilling Fluids

Bentonite, Polymers, Biodegradable HPWBM, Recycling and Cleaning Equipment.


Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs, Pit Launch machines, pipe bursting, Pipe Ramming, Auger Boring, mud mixing systems, location systems, tooling, Rock hammers and hole openers.

Well Screens & Casing

Full range of uPVC, HDPE, and Stainless steel products.

Numa Hammers and Bits

World leading manufacturer of DTH hammer and overburden casing systems.


From steel threaded casing through to drill pipe, non-return valves and crossovers.


Compair distributor for the fuel-efficient Turbo Screw high pressure portable air compressor.

Our Partners